My “Valentune Chord” for Annie

I made this “Valen-tune chord” for Annie on the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2020. Guys, if you want to play it for your sweetheart you can do it here or go to and type in our names then scroll to the song. Happy Valentune’s Day to you!

My Valentune for Annie

I had no way of knowing

Where loving you would lead

Such a risky thing to do

Still I said will you marry me

And you did

And I’m glad

What did I get for that?

Somebody’s hand to hold in mine

Somebody’s faith to help me through the hard times 

Somebody’s trust that I’ll always be true

That’s what I get for loving you

Well all at once it’s been years ago 

But I think about that day now and then

When I said I’d love you till I die

Would I do it all again?

Yes I would

That’s a fact

Cause now I know what I’d get for that

Somebody’s smile when I come home

Somebody’s hope when it seems my hope is gone

Somebody’s prayer for the work I do

That’s what I get for loving you

Somebody’s arms to keep me warm

Somebody’s mercy that forgives me when I’m wrong

Somebody’s peace when the world has come unglued

That’s what I get for loving you

(Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/2020) 


  1. Holding on to hope says

    I am a mother of 2 wonderful sons. I became a mother-in-law to 2 daughters-in-law within 3 weeks of each other 2 years ago. Needless to say, that was a whirlwind of emotions for me as a mother. I have always had a very close relationship with both sons, but have made a very conscious effort to let go and let them be their own family. Within the 2 years of marriage, there have been some very trying times in both of my sons’ marriages. Some of which are still going on and are very serious. I have continually sought after what God’s Word says about mine and my husband’s role is in all of this. My husband and I have stayed out of the situation unless they have come to us for advice. We have recommended Christian counseling for both. One of which is in counseling now, one has not yet. I have been to the point of a nervous breakdown behind the scene. I just happened to come upon Dr. James Dobson this morning that was featuring your book and your interview with Dr. Dobson. This was what I needed to hear. I wish I would have heard this 2 years ago. I feel as though I have done a good job on a lot of what you have advised, but there are a few places I wish I would have handled differently. At least I now have your book as a resource and can, with the help of God, do a better job at being a Godly mother-in-law to both of my daughters-in-law. I would like to ask for prayers that God’s will be done in each situation and that both marriages will be a testimony to God’s power of restoration and healing in marriage.

    • Steve and Annie says

      Thank you for connecting and for your kind and encouraging report about hearing the broadcast interview with Dr. Dobson. We’re grateful that God used it to speak hope to you regarding your role as mother-in-law. May the Lord continue to give you wisdom that will aid you in fulfilling that role with loving grace for each of the new couples.

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