The Big Book of Hunting Stories

This book is a 300 page, “trophy-room” collection of hunting stories-tagged, bagged, and ready for your reading pleasure. You’ll revisit some of Steve’s most memorable moments as well as enjoy all-new, never before published stories. From the wide-eyed anticipation of his first outing as a teen to a disappointing yet rewarding day in the deer stand many decades later, you’ll experience all the highs and lows of hunting as only Steve has described them. With each thrilling tale, you’ll draw closer to the One who created this big, bountiful world where you can pursue your passions. That’s where these “best of” hunting stories hit the mark.


  1. Brenda Lee says

    I need this book, I have several of your hunting books. I am a hunter. and I love reading of your experience. I can relate to many of them

    • Steve and Annie says

      Thanks! The stories compiled in this “best of” are taken from earlier books I’ve written through the years. It’s a good collection to have inside a single cover but it’s especially good for gifting to someone who doesn’t have any of the titles or may not be familiar with the approach I take to writing for hunters which is talking about why we hunt more than how. Thanks again and blessings on all your seasons.

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