We Have A City

We Have a City

Some people wonder

How can we smile 

As we journey through these dark and troubled days

There’s a reason for our joy

As we walk these weary miles 

We are headed to a far and better place  


We have a city we are going to

Where our burdens will be gone we believe it’s true

With eyes of faith we see the gates that someday we’ll walk through

We have a city we are going to

And we have loved ones 

We’ll see again

Who are waiting just beyond our final step

Best of all we’ll meet our Savior there

Who washed away our sins

He’s the hope that keeps us looking up ahead


Walls of jasper, streets of gold

Forever young, never old

Crystal waters, gates of pearl

Nothing like it in this world

No sorrow there, no one at war

Only peace forever more

With angels we will sing along

When we arrive at our home

(S Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/2020)

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