We Wanna Go Back To Church

We Wanna Go Back to Church 

We Wanna Go Back To Church

It’s been too long since we’ve been 
With our sisters and our brothers 
Standin’ side by side singing Amazing Grace 
And it’s been too long since we prayed 
Kneelin’ next to one another 
We long to see our family face to face 

So open the doors 
Turn on the lights 
Strike up the band 
Let the hallelujahs rise 
And let the Spirit heal every heart that hurts 
Let the preacher 
Break the Bread 
We’re hungry for truth 
We wanna be fed 
It’s been too long, we wanna go back to church 

Oh, we know well 
The church is not a building made of wood and stone 
But we were made to congregate 
Not to walk that road alone 

S Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/4-19-20



    Well done, Steve, in expressing our thoughts. We were made to congregate.

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