Still A Lot of Love

While driving home recently I stopped on the shoulder with other drivers as a funeral procession passed. As I waited I remembered using that scenario in a song lyric and with all that’s going on in our nation right now I thought it was a good time to release it. If you agree with what the song says please share it. SC


  1. I agree…the love of Christ is alive and well in His people. I see it through family, friends and neighbors daily, not just for myself but for other also.. Too bad the news doesn’t focus on or at least share some of the good news that still happens around us on a daily basis.

    • Steve and Annie says

      Thanks Shirley. We can be grateful that while the news networks might not give sufficient attention to the good stuff, God sees it and is pleased. Good always wins over evil…and we can all agree that God is good…all the time! Blessings to you,

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