“The Buck Stops Here”

Steve Chapman’s 2021 book release, “The Buck Stops Here,” is an entertaining collection of wisdom, humor, tips and short stories about hunting (and a few about fishing). Filled with “Aha!” moments, this book will inspire you to head to the woods and enjoy God’s great outdoors! Available now at our books section.

A Christmas I Love You

Here’s a new and original Christmas song. Our six grandkids are singing back up for us. From our family…may God’s “ornament of love” bring you peace during this Christmas Season and beyond.

A Christmas I Love You
I love Christmas cookies
Red icing on the cake
I love the sweet aroma
When Grandma cooks and bakes
     I love the Christmas carols
     I sing with family
     I love the smiles of children
    As they sit on Santa’s knee
And in this giving Season
One thing is always true 
The greatest gift that we can give
Is a Christmas I love you
I love you (4x)
I love the little baby
Born so long ago
Lying in a manger
Wrapped in swaddling clothes
     He was the perfect present
     Sent from up above
     To hang upon a tree
     God’s ornament of love
And in this giving Season
One thing is always true 
The greatest gift that we receive
Is a Christmas I love you
I love you (4x)
My gift to you
I love you


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Steve & Annie

Still A Lot of Love

While driving home recently I stopped on the shoulder with other drivers as a funeral procession passed. As I waited I remembered using that scenario in a song lyric and with all that’s going on in our nation right now I thought it was a good time to release it. If you agree with what the song says please share it. SC

Remember Me

Remember Me

Lord, I know I’m not worthy

To receive Your mercy, yet You look at me

With eyes full of love and pity

Please forgive me as You have done

For those who watch us die

O Master

Hear my cry


Lord, will You remember

Will You remember

When life is over, remember me

There’s nothing I can offer for Your favor

Still I ask You 
When You come

Into Your Kingdom

Remember me

I am lost

I know it’s true

But my hope

Is now in You


(Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music)

Song of The Centurion

Song of the Centurion

Just another day, another cross, that’s what I supposed

I heard my soldiers laughing as they gambled for His robe

They were reckless with redemption

As they joked and rolled the dice

But to God it was no game

It was His greatest sacrifice


When I felt the earth shake

When I saw the ground break

When someone said the graves have opened wide

And the dead came back to life

When I saw the skies turn dark and gray

When I saw Him look my way

And say, “Father, forgive them, they don’t know what they do!”

I knew, it’s true, this was the Son of God

Well I knew the risk I had to take to say it out loud

I was the leader of those soldiers it was an angry crowd

Oh, but never such compassion

Had I seen in someone’s eyes

He spoke words of love to me

Even as I watched Him die



I didn’t care what the cost for my words would be

Cause I knew He shed His blood for even me

Oh what love


(tag: I had to say it, this was the Son of God

I just had to say it, this was the Son of God

Just another day, another cross, that’s what I supposed…

Steve Chapman/Jeff Pearles/Times & Seasons Music/Jefed Music/BMI/ 2013

We Wanna Go Back To Church

We Wanna Go Back to Church 

We Wanna Go Back To Church

It’s been too long since we’ve been 
With our sisters and our brothers 
Standin’ side by side singing Amazing Grace 
And it’s been too long since we prayed 
Kneelin’ next to one another 
We long to see our family face to face 

So open the doors 
Turn on the lights 
Strike up the band 
Let the hallelujahs rise 
And let the Spirit heal every heart that hurts 
Let the preacher 
Break the Bread 
We’re hungry for truth 
We wanna be fed 
It’s been too long, we wanna go back to church 

Oh, we know well 
The church is not a building made of wood and stone 
But we were made to congregate 
Not to walk that road alone 

S Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/4-19-20

We Have A City

We Have a City

Some people wonder

How can we smile 

As we journey through these dark and troubled days

There’s a reason for our joy

As we walk these weary miles 

We are headed to a far and better place  


We have a city we are going to

Where our burdens will be gone we believe it’s true

With eyes of faith we see the gates that someday we’ll walk through

We have a city we are going to

And we have loved ones 

We’ll see again

Who are waiting just beyond our final step

Best of all we’ll meet our Savior there

Who washed away our sins

He’s the hope that keeps us looking up ahead


Walls of jasper, streets of gold

Forever young, never old

Crystal waters, gates of pearl

Nothing like it in this world

No sorrow there, no one at war

Only peace forever more

With angels we will sing along

When we arrive at our home

(S Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/2020)

When I Hear That Train

This is a video version of a previous post of this song in 2017. At 91 years young Mom continues to pray for us and deserves double honor for her devotion to us in prayer.

The Big Book of Hunting Stories

This book is a 300 page, “trophy-room” collection of hunting stories-tagged, bagged, and ready for your reading pleasure. You’ll revisit some of Steve’s most memorable moments as well as enjoy all-new, never before published stories. From the wide-eyed anticipation of his first outing as a teen to a disappointing yet rewarding day in the deer stand many decades later, you’ll experience all the highs and lows of hunting as only Steve has described them. With each thrilling tale, you’ll draw closer to the One who created this big, bountiful world where you can pursue your passions. That’s where these “best of” hunting stories hit the mark.