Steve’s New Book…”The Hunt for Faith”

A Very Encouraging Letter

We recently sang at a church in Cookeville, TN and included the song, “Let’s Call It Even.” In response to the story in the song that features the reconciliation of a dad and a daughter, a sweet lady approached us after the morning service and said she was moved to go see her dad. She told us that her relationship with her father had not been good and to make the challenge even harder he had Alzheimers disease.

We advised her to pray that God would give him an awareness of who she was when she visited him so some healing conversation could happen. A couple of weeks later we received the letter shown below. We were given permission to post it but for the sake of her privacy we blurred her last name and the name of the church. We offer this as an encouragement to anyone who longs to reconcile with a parent or any family member or friend.

(If you’d like to hear the song, click on the blue colored title above or see our blog at this website titled, “Let’s Call It Even.”)

Sunday Morning with Steve & Annie

This video of a Sunday morning concert was recorded in Dudalk, MD at Eastern Assembly of God. We sincerely hope you glean something useful from this presentation.

A Dad’s Guide to Praying for His Kids-Interview with Steve

My thanks to Promise Keepers Canada for posting a recent interview featuring a discussion about “A Dad’s Guide to Praying For His Kids.” You can hear the entire interview at the following link. I hope you’ll listen and let others know about it.

“Water Grave” on the banks of The Jordan River

We have completed our unforgettable visit to the incredible land of Israel. While there we sang “Water Grave” at a baptismal site on the banks of The Jordan River. (A few pics from our tour are below…for more visit our Facebook Page (Steve Chapman).

“Tell Me A Huntin’ Story”

Harvest House Publishers has provided advance copies of this book for outdoorsmen and women called “Tell Me a Huntin’ Story.” It was cowritten with my Indiana friend, Don Hicks. Hear our comments in this video about this new collection of stories that we are confident will both entertain and enhance the lives of our fellow hunters. Click HERE to order a copy for yourself or a hunter in your life!

Daddy’s Best Sermon

      Fathers Day always reminds me of what a great Dad my sister and I had. The song “Daddy’s Best Sermon” was written as a birthday gift to Dad when he was still with us. He’s been with the Lord since Nov 28, 2015.

      Paul J Chapman pastored for many years in Point Pleasant, WV. The song lyric you’ll hear in the video highlights the fact that his great skill in the pulpit was backed up by his integrity as a husband and father. My Mother, Lillian, my sister, Jeannie, and the members of each of our families are proud of his legacy and we look forward to seeing him again.


“Daddy’s Best Sermon” is available at this time only as a free video view. If you, too, were raised in the home of a Dad who was a pastor and who earned your respect, I hope you’ll share this song with him.

Steve Chapman

This Is Why We Stand

An important reminder as we head to the football stadiums this fall…

This Is Why We Stand
For every little boy who wants to be
Just like his soldier dad he will never see again
This is why we stand
For every little girl who will marry someday
Without her soldier dad to give away  her hand
This is why we stand
For every brokenhearted dad and mom
Waiting for a soldier child to come home
On that Angel Flight, and they watch it land
This is why we stand for the red white and blue
As they sing those words written down for me and you
To remember, freedom has a price
To say our thanks for their sacrifice
This is why…this is why we stand 
For every tear that falls through the night
From the face of soldier’s lonely wife…she’s missing him
This is why we stand
For every family table with an empty chair
Cause a son or a daughter won’t be there to hear “Amen.”
This is why we stand
For every wound and every scar
That can be found on a soldier’s heart…
and in their mind and on their skin
We stand…Cause every reason we can
Has a name, and a face, and they fight to keep us safe
S Chapman. 9 29 17 
Times & Seasons Music, Inc


Tea Cozies by Annie

Our website store is now featuring “Tea Cozies by Annie.”

Each cozy is handmade by Annie and features an inner lining of insulation to KEEP THE WATER HOTTER LONGER!

The beautiful outer material is complimented by an eye-catching material on the inside and silky ribbon tie. Covers your 4-6 cup tea pot as seen in the sample photos.

Perfect for personal use and makes a great gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, seasonal occasions and excellent as a house warming gift.

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Still a Lot of Love

“So to those who are saying this country’s filled with hate, what you see and what I’m seeing ain’t the same…”

Still A Lot of Love


I see people helping strangers

Who are on the highway broken down

I see neighbors helping neighbors

After a storm comes through their town

I see firemen carrying babies as if they were their own

Running out of the flames on the TV news

Then I hear somebody saying

This country’s filled with hate

But from what I see…it ain’t true

There’s still a lot of love,

There’s still a lot of love…here in America


I hear applause in the airports

For the soldiers coming home

I hear nurses cry for the feeble

Who feel lost and all alone

I see hands reaching deep, way down in the pockets

To feed the poor…and ease the pain

So to those who are saying

This country’s filled with hate

What you see and what I’m seeing ain’t the same

There’s still a lot of love

Still a lot of love…here in America


There’s still a lot of good hearts giving out sweet smiles

Still a lot of willing souls going those extra miles

Still a lot of kind words, still a lot of good deeds

It’s no wonder people want to come here but nobody wants to leave.


I still see cars coming to a stop

When the hearse comes down the road

I still see the young ones helping out the old

I still see friends of missing children giving up their time

To search the fields…side by side


So when we hear somebody saying

This country’s filled with hate

We all know that ain’t so

There’s still a lot of love

Still a lot of love…here in America


Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/BMI/2017