New Gift Book For Hunters!

Steve’s newest paperback book, “With Dad On A Deer Stand,” has been well received! With Dad on a Deer Stand

Now our publisher, Harvest House Publishers, has created a hardback gift  book by the same title.

Using excerpted stories, memorable quotes from other writers, and the incredible paintings of artist, Dona Gelsinger, this book will be a wonderful gift for dads, sons and daughters who enjoy the hunter’s woods!W dad cover W dad to from

There’s a “from/to/date” page inside the front cover that can be used to make the book an even more special gift.

If you order a copy (click here) at our website and you would like for Steve to sign the book to a specific individual include a note with the order or send us an email using the address on our contact page.

Happy Hunting!


See Steve interviewed on is a NEW MEDIA experience combining an electronic Newspaper/Magazine with TV like video news coverage.  It’s all wrapped up in the convenience of a Home Page which gives our viewers access to many of their favorite and most used internet resources.  Our main story for Thursday, January 9th features Steve Chapman discussing A LOOK AT LIFE FROM A DEER STAND.  This feature includes a special, never seen before, video of the song, “First One,” that Dad’s will not want to miss!

We encourage you to log on often and enjoy the informative, entertaining and inspiring content.  Annie’s interview about her book, “The Mother-in-Law Dance” will follow and we’ll let you know when.

Cerebral Palsy and A Life Worth Celebrating

In 1946, on December 20th, George Stonewall Chapman III was born in Chapmanville, West Virginia to my uncle Bud Chapman and his wife, Betty. They would soon learn that “Junior,” the affectionate nick name their baby was given, was born with Cerebral Palsy that would hinder his development.

I was always impressed with how much love was shown to Junior by his Mom and Dad as well as his sister, Julia. More important, God was honored by how well they cared for him for the 21 years of his life.

Recently I began to recall Junior and the times I was blessed to be near him. His demeanor was so sweet and though unable to use words he seemed to communicate with his smile and the sounds he made that resembled a song melody.

As I remembered Junior I was moved to write a song and create a video to honor his memory. I hope it will remind all who see it, especially those who care for loved ones who are similar to Junior, that each of us have great value.

“Junior”/written by Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/BMI/2013 (song not yet available as a single song download)



“Now flee from youthful lusts and pursue righteousness…” 2 Timothy 2:22Red heels 2

In the story of Joseph’s encounter with Potiphar’s wife in Genesis 39:11-12 we find a great example of how to “flee youthful lusts” when the devil attempts to lead us astray.

11 One day he went into the house to attend to his duties, and none of the household servants was inside. 12 She caught him by his cloak and said, “Come to bed with me!” But he left his cloak in her hand and ran out of the house.

Joseph’s response to the opportunity to “have” another man’s wife did not include words. He wisely didn’t reason with the temptress nor did he reason with himself. To have argued with her would have resulted in hearing more of her enticing flattery that he’d have to process.

To have talked to himself about how strong he thought he might be to resist her would likely have been futile since “…the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Matthew 26:41)  

Instead of words, Joseph reacted with action. He chose to RUN!

One of the reasons his decision to run was so smart is because its impossible to be involved physically with someone when you’re running from them. (And, its not possible to watch a computer or TV screen or look at a magazine when you’re running!)

I offer the song, “Run,” to help you remember this powerful response to temptation. I hope it helps you to keep your spiritual tennis shoes on and be ready to…RUN! 

I also hope this song and visual will remind you to not only run FROM temptation but to run TO the Lord who has provided the way of escape…its called, a door…the one that leads to the Cross!

“No temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man, and God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but will with the temptation provide the way of escape also, that you will be able to endure it.” (1 Corinthians 10:13)

Mom’s Apple Wisdom

Knowing how much influence that friends can have on a person’s life, my Mother looked for a way to illustrate that character-building truth to my sister and me when we were quite young. This video tells how she successfully accomplished such an important parenting goal.

    If this video contains wisdom that you want to pass on to others, especially the young ones, please send a link to this page to them.


(The song, “The Friends You Keep,” is available at this time only as a part of this You Tube video. If you’re interested in getting a download of the song only, email us at the address found on our “contact” page)

Dogwood…Down The Road

Dogwood S&A&R at Koin

Dogwood 1975…Steve, Annie, Ron

A lot of our friends may not be aware that in the mid and late 1970’s we were part of a Christian music group called, Dogwood. It started as a trio consisting of the two of us and a long-time friend from West Virginia named Ron Elder.

We started as the “house band” at Koinonia Coffehouse located on Music Row in Nashville. The photo to the left shows us on stage at Koinonia. For two years we provided live music at the coffeehouse and the invitations started coming to travel to other cities and sing.

Then in 1977 when our firstborn, Nathan, came along Annie requested a “promotion” to motherhood. To replace her, Ron Elder and I enlisted the help of a five piece band from Monroe, Louisiana called, “East of The Altar.” (Annie always said with some deserved satisfaction, “It took five men to replace me!”) Here’s the band

Dwood river

Dogwood…on the road

in a photo taken while we were traveling through Wyoming in 1979. Left to right are Stan Armour (keyboards), Ken Fletcher (bass/harmonies), Ron Elder (acoustic/lead vocals), yours curly, Mike Upshaw (sound engineer), David Crockett (electric guitar), Mark Smith (drums).




Dogwood continued to travel for the next couple of years and during that time the configuration of the group was reduced in size to a trio. Ken Fletcher (second from the left) stayed with Ron and me, as well as Mike Upshaw. In late 1979, as painful as it was, I felt it was time to cease traveling so much and being away from Annie and our son. We were also expecting with our second child so it seemed the right time to make an exit from the group.

With four recordings in our history, Dogwood was considered to be one of the pioneer groups in Contemporary Christian Music. I’m most grateful to have been a part of it and though I was convinced that it was good that Annie and I begin working together as a duet, I missed the group and the music we made.

It was an exciting phone call to receive from our friend, Al Jaynes, and asked if Dogwood could be a part of the Koinonia Family Reunion. Al was in leadership at the church we attended (Belmont Church in Nashville) and was hungry to hear the music that was heard so often at Koinonia Coffehouse that was across the street from the church.

Ron agreed to participate and Annie convinced us to perform at the reunion in Dogwood’s final configuration which included Ken Fletcher. As it turned out, though we all wanted Annie to be on stage with us, the night of the event she had absolutely no voice due to a severe case of laryngitis.

Ken Fletcher, Ron and I rehearsed for the event and when our son and Nashville music producer, Nathan, heard the music he had grown up hearing he affectionately suggested that we take our rehearsal into a studio and let him record it. We agreed to do so and the recording, that we titled, “Dogwood…Down The Road,” became a souvenir disc for those who attended the reunion.

Dogwood DTRoad cover backRecently, Ken decided to create a beautiful new cover sleeve for the CD to make available to his clients in his business (Fletcher Financial Group) based in Monroe, Louisiana. On the back of the sleeve is a photo of the three of us then and now. (Time has had its affect…but aren’t we the better for it!)

Thankfully, our friend, Brian Mason, who assisted Al Jaynes with the planning of the reunion concert, made sure the event was filmed. The result was several of the songs landing on   You Tube for folks to see. One of those clips is included here.

If you would like to get a copy of the newly covered and released recording of the Dogwood…Down The Road CD it is now in our store here at this website in the music section or you can click on the front cover photo here to get there.

Dogwood DTRoad cover

Thanks so much for reading about this part of our musical history and as Dogwood always sang to those who we were privileged to stand before, we encourage you to…

keep on walking!

What Do I Do When I’ve Morally Failed? (David’s Song)

“What do I do when I’ve morally failed?”

When we are asked this question we always point to David’s response to moral failure that is recorded in Psalm 51. First, when Nathan the prophet helped David see that his adulteress actions with Bathsheba were sinful, he didn’t deny it. Instead, he “owned it.”

As difficult as it might have been for David to admit his sin, it was the first step to experiencing God’s forgiveness. With an awareness of his wrongdoing weighing heavy on his heart he was more willing to cry out to God for His mercy.

The words of repentance that came from David’s mouth were formed deep in his heart. They echo in the scriptures today for any of us to use who have come to grips with our sin. Thankfully, a songwriter named Mike Hudson captured those words as well as the emotion in them in his song we recorded called, “David’s Song.”

If you are struggling with guilt as a result of moral failure, let David’s cry be your own. Learn the chorus of this song and sing it each time a wave of guilt comes and tries to drown your spirit in guilt. Most important, may God impress on you that He has already answered your prayer. Forgiveness for sin of any kind was accomplished through the cross, the burial and the resurrection of Jesus. It is available right now. Accept it, thank Him for it and rejoice in it today!

“David’s Song”

In the spring of the year when kings go out

For fighting and for fame

Trumpets split the dawn

And the women waved, the children cheered

As the army marched away and I the king stood looking on


Have mercy on me O God, according to your steadfast love

According to your great compassion, blot out my many transgressions

And wash away all my iniquity, cleanse me from sin


In the cool of the night, when sleep should bring

An ending to the day

I climbed the palace stairs

And from my roof I looked below

And I would not look away from the woman who was there


Have mercy on me O God, according to your steadfast love

According to your great compassion, blot out my many transgressions

And wash away all my iniquity, cleanse me from sin


I sent for her, she came to me, I brought her to my room

Though she another’s wife

The night was sweet as we embraced, though passing much too soon

Then the day came like a knife


Oh God, why was I so hard hearted, why I was I so willing to give in

Please hold on to me, help me hold on to you

Don’t let me fall like that again


Have mercy on me O God, according to your steadfast love

According to your great compassion, blot out my many transgressions

And wash away all my iniquity, cleanse me from sin


Mike Hudson/Shepherd’s Fold Music/1983

From the CD, “Finish Well” / Steve & Annie Chapman/S&A Family




New Book For Hunters! by Steve Chapman

New book from  Steve Chapman

New book from
Steve Chapman

I am excited to announce that my latest book for hunters is now available. It is titled,

             “With Dad On A Deer Stand.”

This book features some of my own stories of hunts with our son and daughter as well as great stories shared by several others fathers, sons and daughters who have enjoyed hunting together.

This book is packed with the emotions that are unique to the father/child relationship. And, the adventures that are shared are not only entertaining to read, they are life-changing.

My hope is that “With Dad On A Deer Stand” will not only be a blessing as you read it, I hope it will inspire you to create your own lasting memories that can happen…with dad on a deer stand!

Steve & Nathan 1987

Steve & Nathan


Whether you’re a dad taking  your child hunting or an adult making a hunt special for your dad, you’ll enjoy this book!

“With Dad On A Deer Hunt” can be purchased here at our website by clicking here You can also find it on many of the Choice Book shelves at airports, grocery stores, restaurants, and truck stops, and at Lifeway as well as other Christian bookstores.

If you order a copy here at our website and would like it signed to someone, be sure to let us know  by sending us an email right after you place the order using the address on the “contact” page on this website.

Please note that at present we have a only a few copies on hand but we should be well stocked by July 25th. You’re welcome to go ahead and order and we’ll ship it as soon as our order arrives.

Blessings on your upcoming season!




The Arrow & The Bow




The Arrow and the Bow


Here is wisdom for the moms and dads

That time has proven true

The day your children learn to walk

They start to walk away from you


For at first you hold all of them

Cradled safely in your arms

Then one day their hand is all you’ll hold

Then soon it’s just their heart


And there’ll even come the time

If your love for them is true

You’ll have to let their hearts go free

To let them love

Someone else not only you


Can the sparrow ever learn to fly

If the nest is all it knows

Can the arrow ever reach its mark

By remaining in the bow

You have to let it go


Here is wisdom for the moms and dads

That time has proven true

The day your children learn to walk

They start to walk away from you


S Chapman




It Takes One To Hunt One

Birds@Joe's (2 of 2)

A field full of Butterballs.

With spring gobbler season just a few weeks away here in Tennessee I want to re-share this post in case  some of my fellow bird chasers missed it the first time.

One morning while sitting in the dark shade of a huge oak waiting for birds to show up, I recalled an evening a few years ago when I asked Annie if there was anything she needed me to do the next day. As soon as I asked the question she knew why I was inquiring. Her response was an understanding, “Not a thing! Enjoy your hunt tomorrow!”

I smiled, thanked her profusely and told her where my friend and I would be going the next morning to chase the spring gobblers. That’s when she returned a mischievous smile and said the words that have become famous around our house and repeated many times since that evening.

“Turkey…it takes one to hunt one!” (Isn’t that a nice way to be called a turkey?)

Actually, I really don’t mind the humorous dig if the turkey referred to is one of the smart old gobblers that remain faithful to the hen he’s with. In fact, I consider it a major compliment because he’s a feller I want to be like. Its guys like him who live to see another spring.

However, I’d prefer not to be called a turkey if its in reference to a bird like the one in the steve tkypicture that’s draped over my shoulder. He did a very unwise thing. He left his hen and responded to the call of another woman. Little did he know he was responding to the human tempter (me) and walking into range of my 12 gage. Not smart.

If you happen to be reading this post right now and you’re married, What kind of man…er…turkey do you want to be? I have a feeling you’d like to avoid the mistake of chasing after another woman and getting spiritually and emotionally shot. If so, we’re thinking alike. May God help us both be smart birds.