“For You” Steve sings with 2 Grand-girls

Our granddaughters (Heidi’s girls) are staying with us this week. While I was working on a new song called “For You,” Josephine (in the middle) and Lily (violin) came in and began singing along. We did a quick rehearsal then did this quick video. T’was a sweet moment for Papa…thanks to DeDe for recording us and to four-year old Sylvia (off camera) for quietly watching.

“Let’s Call It Even”

During a Sunday morning service at a church in Georgia we sang our song about my experience of holding my Dad when he passed from this life into eternity (I Held A Great Warrior When He Died). After dismissal a very nice lady named, Jonell Barber, expressed her appreciation for the song then told about an exchange she had with her father, Calvin, during his last hours. What she said was deeply touching, incredibly profound and full of mercy. She has graciously permitted us to share her story in music and we are hopeful it will help others to also know the joy of reconciliation…may it be sooner rather than later. S&A

“Mercy triumphs over judgment.” James 2:13
Let’s Call It Even (Lyrics)


He came down to his final day,

With something on his heart he had to say

To his daughter, from the heart of a father

He took her hand, couldn’t stop the tears,

He said, “I’ve let you down thru the years

Wish I could do it over, I’d do it better

Lord knows I’d do it better.”


She stood by his bed, they both cried,

She wiped the tears from his eyes

And said, “I understand, you’ve done the best you can

But would it help if I reminded you

About the teenage hell I put you through

O Daddy, here’s what we ought to do…”


“Let’s call it even

We both had a bad run

Let’s talk about the good times

We can say we both won

On the other side of heaven’s door

You won’t find love keeping score

We’re forgiven

Let’s call it even.”


He said, “I guess its true what they say, a little child will lead the way

My sweet baby, what a gift you just gave me

Now I can leave this world feeling free, nothing between you and me

No regrets, its God’s mercy…”






S&A Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/BMI/2015

“He’s Not There” New Song by Steve & Annie

Forest Lawn Graveside gathering

Graveside service for Dad

I went to Point Pleasant, WV to visit my Mother, Lillian Chapman, who has been a widow since my Dad’s passing in late 2015. She had not yet returned to Logan County to the gravesite and I brought up the idea of going. Her response was, “I’ll go…but he’s not there.” Her unexpected, yet confident reaction was not only deeply encouraging, it inspired Annie and me to write, “He’s Not There.” If you have buried a loved one, we hope this musical tribute to Dad’s life and Mom’s uplifting words will comfort you.

“A Dad’s Guide to Praying for His Kids”

For a long time folks have been asking for copies of the original pocket size book, “Wednesday’s Prayer” that was written to help dad’s establish an effective and powerful regimen of prayer for their children. At last, the content of that book has been expanded and developed into a full size book titled, “A Dad’s Guide to Praying for His Kids.”

It features the timely lyrics from the prayer song, “Wednesday’s Prayer,” (available below as a download) as well as some of Steve’s unforgettable personal experiences and a wealth of biblical truths. This book will serve as a guide to help dads (and moms, too!) pray more faithfully, powerfully and effectively for your kids. Also, it contains a practical guide on how and why to add a fast to your prayers.

Dad's Guide coverDad's Guide cover back

“I Held A Great Warrior”

pj bible copy

Paul J Chapman 8/31/1926 – 11/28/2015

Nov. 28th will be the first anniversary of my Dad, Paul J. Chapman, going home to heaven. I had my arms around him trying to help him stand up when his body released his spirit. To say the very least it was an incredibly impacting experience. So much could be said to honor his life but I hope this song will give the honor due a great, great warrior…
Steve Chapman

PS…Please be praying for my Mother, Lillian, who said farewell to her dearest friend and husband of 68 years. She will be moving to Tennessee and residing with Annie and me for a few weeks while my sister, Jeannie, and her husband, Gene, move to Cookeville, TN and prepare a place for Mom to live. I’ll not only have my sweet Mother close to us, my dear sister will be just 90 minutes away as well. We never dreamed we’d all eventually be Tennesseans!

Radio Interview for Parents with Steve & Annie


We enjoyed interviewing on My Faith Radio and discussing our companion books about parenting. You can hear the interview at the following link. We hope the information is helpful for you as a Mom & Dad in these challenging times of raising children!

http://myfaithradio.com/2015/navigating-journey-parenthood/10 Things daughter new cover

10 Ways to Prepare Your Son for Life copy

“52 Prayers For My Grandchild”

52 Prayers for My Grandchild

eBook version also available!!!

This book was written with the goal of encouraging our fellow grandparents to invest prayers in their grandchildren. Each prayer covers a specific topic that relates to the children’s character and future such as their health, friendships, dating, marriage, their work and most important, their eternal destiny. Also, a story is included with each topic, some serious and some very funny. We hope you’ll get this timely resource to use as inspiration as you pray for your grands. They are indeed our “greatest national resource.”

If you prefer to read books on your electronic device our publisher, Harvest House Publishers, has placed the entire text with eBook distributors including, but not limited to, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple, and Google Play.






“Rearview Mirror”

We are so grateful to have had Father’s who were there for us and whose love was never doubted. We are aware that not everyone had that blessing and it’s especially around Fathers Day that their feelings about that reality are intensified. If you’ve ever wondered how an abandoned son or daughter feels during this time perhaps this song will reveal their hearts. We pray for those whose story is similar to this one…

If you know someone who would benefit from hearing this song, here’s a downloadable version.

Our Brand New Book Is Here!

Fam pix smallerWe just received copies of our brand new book, 52 Prayers for My Grandchild from Harvest House Publishers. 52 Prayers for My GrandchildIt is now available at our Bookstore and can be found at Christian Bookstores, Amazon as well as an ebook at your favorite sites.

We feel strongly about praying for grandchildren. Because of the condition of our nation and our world, our little ones are in great need of being covered in prayer.

This book features 52 of the most important areas of life that effect every grandchild. Every topic is highlighted with a story that expands on the topic and closes with a prayer that is powerful because it is immersed in the Scriptures. The Biblical references for the verses used in the prayers are shown at end of each chapter.

If you also feel the urgency to pray for your grandchild, we invite you to get a copy of this book and use it daily…someday they will thank you for it!

Here’s a sample chapter from 52 Prayers I Pray for My Grandchild…

Resting in Tranquility   

I Pray My Grandchildren Will Know the Value of Resting

eckards with 2 anne copy

Annie with her Grandma and Grandpa Eckard



My grandchildren love to hear stories about my childhood. One of the fondest memories I (Annie) have shared is about spending five glorious days each summer at my Grandma Eckard’s house. The very thought of it today takes my mind back to a time when life, at least for a little while, was tranquil and, best of all, restful.

At Grandma Eckard’s house I got to be the “only child” since all her children were raised. This was a special treat because at home I was the fourth of six children living with my parents in a small, four-room house. As far as I was concerned, having my own room and a bed to myself was equivalent to staying in a five-star hotel. It didn’t matter that my resort retreat was an aging, two-story, clapboard house in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint.eckARD HOME copy

At Grandma’s house there were no chores for me to do. I didn’t have to help with milking the cows, slopping the hogs, feeding the chickens, or taking care of my two younger sisters. In fact, there was nothing for me to do. It was a vacation consisting of rocking and talking on the front porch with Grandma. At her house I learned how sweet rest can be.

My two bachelor uncles who lived with Grandma made my vacation even more special. Uncle Raymond would go to town and bring back snacks and treats I never had at home: soda pop, M&M candies, doughnuts and canned potted meat. I looked forward to those few days from one year to the next.

There were amenities lacking at Grandma’s house that might have posed a problem for some children. I didn’t mind that she had no electricity, no running water, no indoor plumbing, no toys, no swing sets, and of course, no television or other modern technical trinkets that my grandchildren use for entertainment and recreation. I can’t even remember having a ball to play with. All I remember is sitting on the front porch and listening as Grandma talked.

I knew how to get the conversation started. All I had to say was, “Grandma, tell me about your brothers and sisters when you were growing up.” Although I’d heard most of the stories many times, I never tired of hearing them, and it seemed that she never tired of telling them. Recounting the events allowed her to revisit the people she missed and still loved dearly.

A faraway look would come to her eyes as she spoke. She would look straight ahead as though she were seeing a time that still existed—and all that was missing was her presence there. She would cry when she talked about the day her little brother, Granvell, asked his mom for a piece of chicken she was frying. He was told he’d have to wait until it finished cooking. Before the chicken was ready, the little boy was dead of the dreaded scarlet fever. Oh how Grandma grieved that Granvell didn’t get to eat one last piece of chicken. Sad stories like these, as well as others that were more lighthearted, were told on that old front porch. For a little while I got to live those time with Grandma.

Grandma Eckard’s house was only two miles from where my parents lived, but when I was there it felt like a million miles away. Even now I get that faraway feeling that was due to my perspective as a child. I also realize that it was likely that Grandma had things she could have…should have…been doing instead of sitting with me, but she sat with me and focused on my visit. In fact, I don’t recall ever seeing my grandmother that she didn’t have an apron on, so I know she constantly worked. Yet, somehow she made time to sit with me. What a great example she was as a grandmother. Even though she never met her great-great-grandchildren who now come to my house, they have her to thank each time I invite them to my back porch so we can spend time together.porch



Though my grandkids don’t live on an extremely busy dairy farm like I did, their lives are abuzz with homeschooling, church activities, ballet and music lessons. There are plenty of interest to steal their attention and keep them from resting. My hope is that they will learn at my house what I learned at my Grandma Eckard’s house—to sit for a while and rest and listen. That’s why I pray….

Father, in these crazy days filled with actions and distractions of every kind, I pray You will help my grandchildren understand the value of rest. Even though productivity is nearly worshiped in our world today, I ask You to help them not succumb to the deception that they are what they do and they their value is found in what they accomplish.

Please help them understand that they were designed by You to need rest. After all, You created this magnificent universe and then rested from Your labors. There remains a rest for Your people. The ones who have entered Your rest also rest from their works as You did Yours. Help my grandchildren see the importance of stepping aside and embracing the blessing of inactivity.

Even as You, Lord Jesus, found it necessary to get away by Yourself to a place of quiet and repose, guide my grandchildren to a peaceful, alone place where they can rest from the toils and stresses of their day. Help them seek rest for their hearts and souls. May they come to You when they’re weary and heavy-laden from troubles. You’ve promised to provide rest for their souls. I hope they’ll take up Your yoke and learn from You because You are gentle and humble in heart. In You they will find rest because Your yoke is an easy one and Your burden isn’t too heavy.

Please lead my grandchildren to the cool, green pastures of Your presence, where they can rest by the still waters and be restored. And it’s all right with me if those still waters are found on my back porch.

In Jesus’ name.



(Gen. 2:2; Heb. 4:9-11; Mark 6:31; Matt. 11:28-30; Psalm 23)

Reply To A Hurting Dad

We recently received a letter from a dad. His son was making some choices that he knew would ultimately lead to the boy’s demise both spiritually as well as physically. As the father poured out his anguish over the situation, he candidly revealed IMG_2186that he had struggled with his own demons. He was a recovering alcoholic and felt that the enemy was using the heartbreak and stress over his son’s situation to tempt him to start drinking again. By the tone of the letter, it became obvious that both the father and the son were on the brink of destruction.

If this hurting father’s struggle describes what you’re going through with a child, perhaps the thoughts I shared with him will be an encouragement and comfort to you as well.

  • God doesn’t force His children to do the right thing or make right choices, neither can we. Because every sin begins with believing a lie, ask the the Heavenly Father to help you pinpoint the deception and pray specifically and fervently against it. (John 8:32, 36; John 17:15; 2 Thessalonians 3:3)


  • Pray that the child will find no true pleasure or lasting peace in their sin. Like the empty-pocketed prodigal son came to his senses and returned to his father, pray that your child will also see his need and be driven back into the Heavenly Father’s arms. In no way is it an easy prayer to pray but let the hope of your child’s salvation strengthen your resolve. (Luke 15:11-32)         God does nothing except in response to believing prayer. John Wesley


  • While you should not condone the sinful choice your child is making, you can be kind to them. Loving the sinner while hating the sin is like loving the patient and hating the terminal cancer. Because sinful behavior is not satisfied with being tolerated, rather it demands to be affirmed and accepted, be careful to avoid encouraging the behavior. Ultimately, it is neither loving nor kind. (Romans 2:4)
  • As the parent, don’t let your child’s bad choices change you. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus. Satan wants to kill, steal and destroy both you and your child, but Jesus came to give life more abundantly. If the enemy can neutralize the parent who is standing in the gap by praying for the wayward child, he has won. Don’t become weary in well doing, for at the proper time you will reap a harvest if you do not give up. (Galatians 6:9)                                           –
  • Stay in fellowship with other believers. Don’t try to go it alone in your battle for your child’s soul. Remember what Corrie Ten Boon said, “When a Christian shuns fellowship with other Christians, the devil smiles. When he stops studying the Bible, the devil laughs. When he stops praying, the devil shouts for joy.

Annie Chapman