The Big Book of Hunting Stories

This book is a 300 page, “trophy-room” collection of hunting stories-tagged, bagged, and ready for your reading pleasure. You’ll revisit some of Steve’s most memorable moments as well as enjoy all-new, never before published stories. From the wide-eyed anticipation of his first outing as a teen to a disappointing yet rewarding day in the deer stand many decades later, you’ll experience all the highs and lows of hunting as only Steve has described them. With each thrilling tale, you’ll draw closer to the One who created this big, bountiful world where you can pursue your passions. That’s where these “best of” hunting stories hit the mark.

eBook Promotion Winter 2020!

With God on a Deer Hunt (Outdoor Insights Pocket Devotionals) by [Chapman, Steve]

Three of Steve’s titles for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts are being offered in eBook format from 1/27/20 to 3/3/20 at highly discounted promotional prices. The titles available are: “With God on a Deer Hunt”365 Things Every Hunter Should Know” “A Look at Life From a Deer Stand-Devotional”

You’ll find this promotional offer at these eBook sites.

Amazon: Barnes & Noble: and Google Play:

“A Look at Life From a Deer Stand-Devotional” is also available at: at Apple Books:

How a Bad Diagnosis Saved My Life-Annie Chapman

Annie tells how her journey to better health and a greater faith began with an unexpected and unwelcome diagnosis.

Sunday Morning with Steve & Annie

This video of a Sunday morning concert was recorded in Dudalk, MD at Eastern Assembly of God. We sincerely hope you glean something useful from this presentation.

“ineedasong4” Songs for Occasions

ineedasongforThis service will remain accessible here on our homepage slider. We’re calling it “ineedasong4” and the content included is a “stack” of our songs that are often requested and used for special occasions.

To view the selections, scroll down the page and you’ll find categories such as “ineedasong4a wedding” or  “ineedasong4Father’s Day,” etc. You can listen to the song in full and if you choose to use it, simply click on the “buy” icon in the song window and you’ll be taken to the Bandcamp website where the purchase of the download can be made.  You’re also welcome to visit us at Bandcamp and check out all of our songs currently available there.

If you have any questions about the songs or need lyrics don’t hesitate to email us at the address found on our “contact” page. Thanks for considering these songs for your special event!!! S&A


ineedasong4…a graduation event (high school or college)

ineedasong4a brother to play for a sister, a sister to play for a brother    (adolescent age, listening version)

ineedasong4..accompaniment track / younger version

ineedasong4…to play for a teen or older brother and sister

ineedasong4accompaniment track / older version


ineedasong4...a wedding
Below is the accompaniment track for “The Ships Are Burning” useful only for live performance of the song.

For the Mother/Son dance…

For the Father/Daughter dance…

Accompaniment track for “You’re The Only Little Girl” with no vocals-instrumental only

Accompaniment track for “You’re The Only Little Girl”   with girl’s voices


ineedasong4celebrating marriage/love


ineedasong4parenting/kids growing up

Praying for children

Disciplining children


ineedasong4…Father’s Day


ineedasong4Mother’s Day


ineedasong4Our Thanksgiving dinner blessing




ineedasong4…addressing the topic of Forgiveness

“52 Prayers For My Grandchild”

52 Prayers for My Grandchild

eBook version also available!!!

This book was written with the goal of encouraging our fellow grandparents to invest prayers in their grandchildren. Each prayer covers a specific topic that relates to the children’s character and future such as their health, friendships, dating, marriage, their work and most important, their eternal destiny. Also, a story is included with each topic, some serious and some very funny. We hope you’ll get this timely resource to use as inspiration as you pray for your grands. They are indeed our “greatest national resource.”

If you prefer to read books on your electronic device our publisher, Harvest House Publishers, has placed the entire text with eBook distributors including, but not limited to, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple, and Google Play.






It Takes One To Hunt One

Birds@Joe's (2 of 2)

A field full of Butterballs.

With spring gobbler season just a few weeks away here in Tennessee I want to re-share this post in case  some of my fellow bird chasers missed it the first time.

One morning while sitting in the dark shade of a huge oak waiting for birds to show up, I recalled an evening a few years ago when I asked Annie if there was anything she needed me to do the next day. As soon as I asked the question she knew why I was inquiring. Her response was an understanding, “Not a thing! Enjoy your hunt tomorrow!”

I smiled, thanked her profusely and told her where my friend and I would be going the next morning to chase the spring gobblers. That’s when she returned a mischievous smile and said the words that have become famous around our house and repeated many times since that evening.

“Turkey…it takes one to hunt one!” (Isn’t that a nice way to be called a turkey?)

Actually, I really don’t mind the humorous dig if the turkey referred to is one of the smart old gobblers that remain faithful to the hen he’s with. In fact, I consider it a major compliment because he’s a feller I want to be like. Its guys like him who live to see another spring.

However, I’d prefer not to be called a turkey if its in reference to a bird like the one in the steve tkypicture that’s draped over my shoulder. He did a very unwise thing. He left his hen and responded to the call of another woman. Little did he know he was responding to the human tempter (me) and walking into range of my 12 gage. Not smart.

If you happen to be reading this post right now and you’re married, What kind of man…er…turkey do you want to be? I have a feeling you’d like to avoid the mistake of chasing after another woman and getting spiritually and emotionally shot. If so, we’re thinking alike. May God help us both be smart birds.

Upcoming Live Events!

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January 21  Nashville, TN / Forest Hills Baptist Church /  Senior event with Steve & Annie


January 25   Wills Point, TX / Stone Point Church / Fin, Feather, & Fur Big Game Dinner  w/ Steve

For info visit:  Stone Point Church



February 8, 9  Midland, TX  / First Baptist Church / Adult 55+ Banquet (2/8) and Sunday a.m. worship with Steve & Annie

For info visit: First Baptist Church


February 13 / Plain City, OH -15  Der Dutchman Plain City / Valentines event with Steve & Annie  / Doors open at 5:30, Dinner at 6, Concert following

For info visit: Dutchman Hospitality Group


February 14 / Sugarcreek, OH / Ohio Star Theater / Valentines Event / Doors open 5:15 / Dinner at 5:30-6:30 Buffet style / Concert at 7p.m.

For info: Dutchman Hospitality Group


February 15 / Sugarcreek, OH / Ohio Star Theater / Valentines Event / Doors open 5:15 / Dinner at 5:30-6:30 Buffet style / Concert at 7p.m.

For info visit: Dutchman Hospitality Group


February 22 / Fort Wayne, IN / First Assembly of God                                  Wild Game Dinner w/ Steve  at 6pm

For info visit: First Assembly of God


February 29 / Suffolk, VA / Annual Sportsman’s Banquet at Kings Fork High School  w/ Steve

For info call: 757-582-8077


March 5 / Scottsbluff, NE  / Monument Bible Church / Sportsmen’s Winter Fest at Gering Civic Center  w/ Steve

For info call: 308-632-4099


March 13 / Telford, PA  / Fanconia Mennonite Church / Wild Game Dinner

w/ Steve

For info visit: Franconia Mennonite Church



March 21,22 / Scott City, MO  / First Assembly of God / “Sportsmen Under the Influence” event w/ Steve and… Sunday “Camo Church” with Steve & Annie

For info: 573-264-2365


April 11 / Millersburg, OH / storyimpact Conference hosted by Choice Books and Sue Thomas Ministries /  April 10,11/2020.  The conference will focus on the power of story to influence and impact lives. Steve & Annie will be among the presenters who will be highlighting their stories.

For information about the attending the event, storyimpact, and the conference schedule visit:


May 1 / Clarksville, TN / Lions Club Annual State Convention w/ Steve & Annie and “The Silver Bealls” (members only)


May 12 / Pleasant View, TN / Pleasant View First Baptist / Senior Luncheon

For info visit: Pleasant View First Baptist 


May 16 / Madison, NC /  New Vision Fellowship Church

Wild Game Dinner with Steve

For info visit:  New Vision Fellowship Church