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As Artists in Concert…

Steve & Annie Chapman
With over thirty-five years of ministering through music, Steve and Annie continue to hold the family as the theme of their lyrics. Using songs from numerous recordings ranging in subjects from marriage to the challenges of parenting, the Chapmans present a concert of music and stories that is designed to encourage all who attend. Steve and Annie have made their home in the Nashville, Tennessee, area since their marriage in 1975 and have two grown children, Nathan and Heidi.

As Marriage Seminar Presenters…

Steve and Annie are also experienced and effective marriage seminar presenters. Along with their music and stories, there are video clips and unforgettable visual props that are also utilized to make plain the marriage building truths from the Scriptures.


Seminar titles include:
Married Lovers/Married Friends – Keys to a healthy marriage from Philippians 2 (3 hours)
It Takes the Carpenter to Build a Good Home – Psalm 127 (4 hours)
The Journey to Marital Joy (3 hours)


As Conference Speakers for Women and Men…

Annie Chapman
Having a wealth of insight into the challenges of being a wife and mother, Annie Chapman brings to the platform an ability to encourage and motivate women of all ages. Her topics, ranging from understanding how to gain a balance in the varied roles of womanhood to knowing how to gain control over anger, Annie’s wisdom will carry the listener to new levels of success in life. Using solid biblical teaching, personal experience, and heart-warming music, Annie’s presentation is refreshing to the soul and a blessing to the spirit.

Author of: Overcoming Negative Emotions,  What Every Wife Wants Her Husband to Know , Letting Go of Anger, The Mother-In-Law Dance, 10 Ways to Prepare Your Daughter for Life,  Hot Topics for Couples






Steve Chapman

With over forty-seven years of experience as an avid hunter and over a half dozen books written about his love for the great outdoors, Steve offers a unique presentation to men. Along with music and videos, Steve uses his well–crafted gift of telling stories from real life adventures that are sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but are always filled with life–changing insight.

Author of: A Look At Life From A Deer Stand (over 300,000 sold), A Hunter Sets His Sights, A Good Husband’s Guide To Balancing Hobbies and Marriage, Another Look At Life From A Deer Stand , Outdoor Insights