Vintage Videos

Welcome to our “Vintage Videos.” The clips seen on this page are from concerts dating back as far as the late 1980’s.  As we archive them we’ll post them here.

We hope you’ll enjoy the journey with us into our musical history!



In 1995 our family of four traveled to Dexter, MO for a concert at First Baptist Church. Heidi sang the lead on the classic, My Jesus I Love Thee, and Nathan accompanied us on guitar.

“Gifts Kids Can’t Break”  -From a 2000 TV appearance featuring Annie


“My Daughter’s Friend”  -From a 1993 concert in Jonesboro, Arkansas.


“Weather It All”  Performance in 2003 in Texas. Song written by our son, Nathan, for his wife, Stephanie.


“The Treasure”  1988


           From New Mexico in 1983- “Is There Someone For Me”


                                           “Circle of 2” from 1987 in South Carolina


                A performance at an awards event in Dallas called Night of Honors

                                                 “The Ships Are Burning” -From 1991


                “When Memories Turn To Gold” -From 1993



                                     “Labor of My Heart” – From 1994

“Goodnite Kiss” 1988

Words: Tom Taylor/Music: Brian Kunzelman