Wednesday’s Prayer

Be a part of the Wednesday’s Prayer and Fasting Community

If there was ever a time for parents and grandparents to get serious about praying for children, it is now.  Because we live in a culture that has essentially…

  • evicted God from our government
  • forbidden His presence in our schools
  • erased His influence in our entertainment


From growing concerns for the young children’s health and safety to our worries about older children’s situations such lost jobs, heartbreaking life-style choices, and struggling marriages, the needs are enormous.

Thankfully, there is an answer to the myriad of concerns we have for our children and grandchildren….we can PRAY for them!

If you sense the urgency for carrying your children to God in prayer, we invite you to join with us each Wednesday as we pray for our kids.
And we will not just pray… we invite all who are medically able to add fasting to the day.

By doing so we’ll be letting our Father in Heaven know that we are very serious in asking Him to intervene on behalf of our children.

To help you follow this extremely important and effective regimen of weekly focused prayer take the following steps:

1. Listen to the song, “Wednesday’s Prayer”

2. Follow the weekly prayer guide located below.

WEEKLY PRAYER GUIDE  ( follows the lyric to the song, Wednesday’s Prayer)

Week 1 Prayer Guide: “Father God, to You I come…” (continue reading)

Week 2 Prayer Guide: “In the name of Your son…”  (continue reading)

Week 3 Prayer Guide: “I bring my children to Your throne…” (continue reading)

Week 4 Prayer Guide: “Father, hear my cry…” (continue reading)

Week 5 Prayer Guide: “Above all else, Lord, save their souls…” (continue reading)

Week 6 Prayer Guide: “Draw them near you, keep them close…” (continue reading)

Week 7 Prayer Guide: “Be the shield against their foes…”  (continue reading)

Week 8 Prayer Guide: “Make them Yours not mine…” (continue reading)

Week 9 Prayer Guide: “Give them peace in Christ alone…” (continue reading)

Week 10 Prayer Guide: “In their sorrow be their song…”  (continue reading)

Week 11 Prayer Guide: “No other joy would last as long…” (continue reading)

Week 12 Prayer Guide: “Father, calm their fears…”  (continue reading)

Week 13 Prayer Guide: “Guide their feet, Lord, light their path…”  (continue reading)

Week 14 Prayer Guide: “May their eyes on You be cast…”  (continue reading)

Week 15 Prayer Guide: “Give their hands a Kingdom task…” (continue reading)

Week 16 Prayer Guide: “…a purpose for their years…” (continue reading)

Week 17 Prayer Guide: “…And as my flesh cries out for bread…” (continue reading)

Week 18 Prayer Guide: “…May I hunger Lord instead…” (continue reading)

Week 19 Prayer Guide: “…that my children will be fed on Your words of life… (continue reading)

Week 20 Prayer Guide: “…So Father God, to You I come, in the name of Your Son…” (continue reading)

For heaven’s sake, pray for your children!

Steve & Annie