Upcoming Live Events!

          To schedule us for a future event please go to our … [Continue Reading]

“A Look At Life from the Riverbank” Steve’s Book for Anglers

With summer comes a lot more fishing. Here's a timely reminder of Steve's very well received book … [Continue Reading]

“The Key”

Many of us deeply desire to feel close to others and to serve them, especially family members. … [Continue Reading]

“ineedasong4” Songs for Occasions

This service will remain accessible here on our homepage slider. We're calling it "ineedasong4" and … [Continue Reading]

Something My Dad Would Do

More than once I've done something and then said to myself, "That's just what dad would've done." It … [Continue Reading]

Father’s Day Podcast

Our pastor, Brad Shockley at Pleasant View First Baptist Church invited us to deliver the Father's … [Continue Reading]

“Whispers From Heaven”

Here's “Whispers From Heaven,” a song written as though a message from my late Dad to Mom on what would’ve been his 92nd birthday. He went to heaven just a couple of weeks before their 69th anniversary but note in the video she says they were married 72 years. That’s how she sees it because she still feels very close to him. Oh what a deep love they shared.  (At this time this song is available only as a listen with this video). … [Read More...]

Through the Radio

We get this question from time to time: "Why don't we hear you on Christian Radio any more?" Our answer is simple, "We had our moments!" On occasion we might be heard on a station but usually we're in the "golden oldie" category. We're rarely played these days BUT...we fully understand that formats change with the times...and actually, they should! Why? Because we're told in the Scriptures to "sing a new song." The new waves in Christian Music, whether liked or not, are indicators that a new song is being sung...and that's a good … [Read More...]

We Need Arrows and Bullets :)))

 … [Read More...]

Father’s Day Podcast

Our pastor, Brad Shockley at Pleasant View First Baptist Church invited us to deliver the Father's Day message. Here's a link to the podcast. Please listen and pass it on to someone you think could benefit by it. Also...Pastor Brad is an awesome teacher/preacher. You'll find his sermons on the site as well. Thanks. S&A … [Read More...]

“Prayer of the Sick” (Make Me a Miracle)

 For those who are facing a serious health challenge we offer this song as a prayer that you can use. It was written as Annie was facing kidney surgery earlier this year. I heard her encouraging herself with it often and we trust it will do the same for you. (This recording is available only as a download) Prayer of the Sick (Make Me a Miracle) by Steve and Annie Chapman "Prayer of the Sick" (Make Me a Miracle) Make me a miracle Let others see how wonderful You are How wonderful You are May it be that You alone Get the glory O … [Read More...]

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Harold G. Stoltzfus…”Faith Is Like a Melody” (My Father’s Song)

While in the Lancaster, PA area we stayed at The Hurst House Bed & Breakfast in Farmersville. During breakfast on Sunday morning March 30th we were … [Read More...]

Thank a Teacher!

If you have or had a teacher who deserves your thanks for what they did for you, be sure to let them know.  I was grateful to have the opportunity to recently … [Read More...]


“Whispers From Heaven”

Here's “Whispers From Heaven,” a song written as … [More...]

Steve’s New Book…”The Hunt for Faith”

 … [More...]

A Very Encouraging Letter

We recently sang at a church in Cookeville, TN and … [More...]

Sunday Morning with Steve & Annie

This video of a Sunday morning concert was … [More...]

“Water Grave” on the banks of The Jordan River

We have completed our unforgettable visit to the … [More...]

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Celebrating 42 Years of Being in Love…and In Like!

 We're nearing 42 years of marriage! On March 29th we not only celebrate being in love all these years, we can say we're celebrating being "in like" too!   We hope you feel the same about your spouse. If so, … [Read More...]

Happy Annie-versary!

On March 29th, 1975 we stood in Beach Hill United Methodist Church in Southside, WV...               and made promises to each other that we still … [Read More...]

The Ten Commitments of Marriage-Part 2

If God can narrow down to Ten Commandments what it takes for us to live in harmony with Himself and with others, then certainly we don’t need anymore than "ten commitments" when it comes to living in harmony … [Read More...]

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