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Father’s Day Reminder…Where are you leading them?

The video featured here was filmed at a Wild Game Dinner at Parkway Baptist Church in Bardstown, KY. … [Continue Reading]

“ineedasong4” Songs for Occasions

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“A Dad’s Guide to Praying for His Kids”

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A Look at Life From a Deer Stand… E-Book Deal!

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Something My Dad Would Do

More than once I've done something and then said to myself, "That's just what dad would've done." It … [Continue Reading]

Through the Radio

We get this question from time to time: "Why don't we hear you on Christian Radio any more?" Our answer is simple, "We had our moments!" On occasion we might be heard on a station but usually we're in the "golden oldie" category. We're rarely played these days BUT...we fully understand that formats change with the times...and actually, they should! Why? Because we're told in the Scriptures to "sing a new song." The new waves in Christian Music, whether liked or not, are indicators that a new song is being sung...and that's a good … [Read More...]

Trading Places

My sister, Jeannie, and her husband, Gene Martin, are blessing our sweet, 90 year-young widowed Mother, Lillian Chapman, with a room in their home. Jeannie is one of the people the scriptures calls "greatest among you" because she is such a servant, especially in her role as a caring daughter. Then the day came when Jeannie heard the dreaded cry from Mom's room. She had fallen, broke four ribs and punctured her lung. The trip to the ER was followed by a five day stay in a hospital and eventually an extended stay in a rehab facility. While in … [Read More...]

Steve’s New Book…”The Hunt for Faith”

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Something My Dad Would Do

More than once I've done something and then said to myself, "That's just what dad would've done." It was one of those moments that the idea came for the song posted here. The examples used in the lyric are based on some good memories I have of my Dad. I know not everyone can say that their history with their father includes seeing him do something similar but if you have children, its never too late to create good memories they can recall as well as imitate. Something My Dad Would Do by Steve and Annie Chapman Something My Dad Would … [Read More...]

Update Annie’s Surgery “Prayer of the Sick” (Make Me a Miracle)

 Annie's surgery was successful. We were beyond grateful to hear the surgeon say, "I am confident that I got it all. I don't need to see you for six months just to make sure the kidney has healed properly." The sign to me that Annie has completed her post-op recovery is seeing her on the zero turn mowing the yard...and...keeping six grandkids in one house overnight. Thanks to all who prayed with us that He would "make her a miracle." (This recording is available only as a download) Prayer of the Sick (Make Me a Miracle) by Steve and … [Read More...]

Character Development

Wednesday’s Prayer Guide-Week #20

"...So Father God, to You I come, In the name of Your Son, I bring my children to Your throne, Father hear my cry..."       Thank You, Father, for hearing us … [Read More...]


     I’m living proof that the prayers of a mother and/or father that are offered for their spiritually wayward child can be effective. In 1970 I left … [Read More...]


Something My Dad Would Do

More than once I've done something and then said … [More...]

A Very Encouraging Letter

We recently sang at a church in Cookeville, TN and … [More...]

A Dad’s Guide to Praying for His Kids-Interview with Steve

My thanks to Promise Keepers Canada for posting a … [More...]

Daddy’s Best Sermon

      Fathers Day always reminds me of what a … [More...]

“When I Hear That Train” A Mother’s Day Tribute

An idea for Moms (and Dads, too!) The sound … [More...]

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“These Things God Made”

These Things by Steve and Annie Chapman These Things God still owns the rainbow and the meaning in that span   (Gen 9:13) He still owns the sacred vows between a woman and a man (Eph 5:22-33) He … [Read More...]

The Full Effects of Sin

While getting ready to head to Indiana to deer hunt this past season with my good friend, Don Hicks, I fired a few rounds through my muzzleloader to make sure it was sighted in. I mounted a cardboard target on … [Read More...]

The Ten Commitments of Marriage-Part 1

If God can narrow down to Ten Commandments what it takes for us to live in harmony with Himself and with others, then certainly we don’t need anymore than ten commitments when it comes to living in harmony with … [Read More...]